Our Services

We ensure production follow up, quality assurance and on-time delivery to our valued customers around the world.


We’ll design, make and cut patterns to fit your needs assuring you trendy and well-fitting garments for men, women and kids.


With the sole purpose of enabling passionate people to execute product ideas, we have a dedicated crew who can help you bring your idea into reality without any hassle.


With 15 factories from state of the art basic ones along with diverse capabilities, We have the ability to cater to different price points and compliance standards required by the customers.


Source a range of apparel products from other Sri Lankan manufacturing plants whilst at the same time ensuring productions follow up, quality assurance and on-time delivery to customers around the world.

We pride our product development service being personalized which is why our team will always strive to maintain a close relationship with our clients throughout the process.

All our in-house technical designers, Patternmakers, sample makers and quality assurance auditors are experts in what they do and will make sure to follow the right process with the right standards to deliver a garment that can compete in the market.



Our team will consult you about your product idea to help you identify defects and room for improvements and assist you with finding the best tweaks to take your dream products to meet the market standards.

We will take care from pattern making, drafting, product development, size grading, material sourcing, sample making to creating market-ready products taking the burden of product development process off your shoulder so you can focus on other aspects of your business.